Gqigqi Ndzotyana

Our Home Based manager from Butterworth in the Eastern Cape, Gqigqi Ndzotyana, shares her story of how AMC has changed her life.

Home-based Manager Gqigqi Ndzotyana

“I signed up as a part-time AMC consultant in 2012. I was a teacher at the time and joined initially so that I could boost my financial status to meet all my needs. In 2016 I left teaching and became a full-time consultant.  AMC has changed my life, as I am raising my daughter and son as a single parent. With the fantastic commission and my ability to sell and connect with others, I am now the proud owner of the latest Mercedes Benz C Class (AMG) and the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The best part of being an AMC consultant is that I can work on my own time and I enjoy the local and overseas trips that I don’t have to budget for.”

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